Protect yourself and your business from financial penalties when selling age restricted good AND get rewarded for doing it.

We all know the penalties for selling age -restricted goods to individuals who aren’t entitled to buy them. It’s bad news for you and your business as you could be heavily fined or even sent to prison. The Proof of Age Standard Scheme (PASS) offers you protection when accepting identity cards that carry the PASS hologram. ONEID4U is a PASS Accredited scheme and we want to work with you as a partner!

Fill in the form and apply for one of our Partner Packs

All you need to do is apply for one of our Partner Packs – once you have applied, we will send you an easy to assemble counter top dispenser, 25 application forms and an A4 poster for general positioning within your outlet. The dispenser and the poster need to be displayed in a prominent position in your store (on the counter or near the till is advisable). Simply do what you do now – ask for proof of age and ID when you need to, and point the customer towards the ONEID4U dispenser so they can take a form.

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