All of our cards are available with a separate patented VB RFID Card Shield to protect your contactless bank cards from accidental payment and card skimming!

The cards are available for £4.99 by clicking this link here

Our Oneid4u card not only allows you to prove your age/ID under the PASS scheme, but now offers you an additional separate product that protects all your plastic contactless RFID chip debit/credit cards and swipe entry cards you carry in your wallet/purse/lanyard/pocket from being E-pocketed by mobile sniffing devices disguised as phones. View video here


It only takes a second to read your details as they pass you in the street, stand next to you in pubs, cafés, clubs, shops, bus queues, at ATM machines or in any circumstances they can get close to you.


The patented VB Card Shield when carried as instructed will protect up to 3 of these cards when stored directly behind or infront of the shield.

Patented Shield Technology

Our cards are available with separate Patented RFID shielding cards that absorbs the signal sent from mobile reading devices, therefore blocking YOUR details from being read.

Carrying to protect

You can use your VB card shield to protect other payment cards that you may hold, should you choose to do so. In your purse or wallet you must gather your payment cards together in one section directly behind one another and place you id card on top.