Apply for your proof of age card today

Carrying one of our cards bearing the PASS hologram, means you can gain access to the goods and services to which you are legally entitled to, without having to risk carrying more costly documents such as passports or driving licences.

Our web standard applications are now only £14.75 with urgent applications priced at £23.75

The application journey

  • Application Received in Post (including for online part applications- you must print the link emailed automatically to you after payment and complete the application and return with photos and supporting document copies signed by your Verifier) NOTE:You are paying for a processing fee not the card and the fee is payable upfront and is non refundable as work begins as soon as you submit online or we receive in post non online app.
  • Application checked for correct completion, verifier nomination qualifies against list and signed by Verifier copies of supporting documents/photo meet criteria.
  • If a photo ID supporting document is used such as a Passport copy or Photo Driving Licence copy then as long as the copy is signed as required by the Verifier then this call is not needed but may still be done.
  • Where a non photo supporting document is provided such as a copy Birth Certificate then a confirmation call to the Verifier is made to ensure participation, confirm supporting documents provided and establish their relationship with applicant. We will attempt to contact your Verifier 3 times. If they do not respond or are not available we will advise you by call message or email of this so please ensure you check emails (Spam also) and phone messages.
  • If all details and facts are established then the application is authorised and goes into card production diary
  • If the criteria has not been met then a call is made to applicant or an email/text is sent to them outlining the problem and what is required. It is important you check your emails/texts and phone answer machine for messages from us. Your application will remain on hold until we receive the required details. Please check your SPAM boxes.
  • Upon completion of the production of the card it will be sent to you by 1st class Recorded Delivery if you applied for an urgent process and by ordinary 1st class post if you applied for a standard process.

Who is an acceptable verifier?

Your Verifier should be a professional person or a person of good standing in the community and their occupation should appear on the list of acceptable Verifier professions shown on one of the two lists of acceptable Verifiers below and on the application form, you may be known or not known to them. A Verifier known should know and recognise you, such as your doctor, teacher. A Verifier not known would consider you a stranger such as an accountant, solicitor, Chemist etc.

Make sure your Verifier is over 25 years of age and is not a relative or retired person.

Acceptable Verifier List 1: Verifying against original document.

Acceptable Verifier List 2: Verifying against Official Records.

Your Verifier should complete the middle section of the application with the details about them as requested and then sign and date the application.

Your Verifier must write the following on the copy supporting document I certify that I have seen the original of this copy and that matches the name and date of birth printed on the application form and add their full name, signature and date underneath as illustrated. If you are not known to the verifier, the copy document must be one which has your photograph on it ie Passport, Photo Driving Licence or PASS Card for example.

They must write on the back of one of the photos  I certify that this is a true likeness of ( Applicants Name here)” and then sign it and date it.