Apply for your proof of age card today

Carrying one of our cards bearing the PASS hologram, means you can gain access to the goods and services to which you are legally entitled to, without having to risk carrying more costly documents such as passports or driving licences.

Our web standard applications are now only £14.75 with urgent applications priced at £23.75

The application journey

  • Application Received in Post
  • Application checked for correct completion, verifier nomination and supporting documents/photo
  • Confirmation call to Verifier to ensure participation, confirm supporting documents provided and establish their relationship with applicant
  • If all details and facts established then application is authorised and goes into card production
  • If the criteria has not been met then a call is made to applicant or an email/text is sent to them outlining the problem and what is required. It is important you check your emails/texts and phone answer machine for messages from us. Your application will remain on hold until we receive the required details
  • Upon completion of the production of the card it will be sent to you by 1st class Recorded Delivery if you applied for an urgent process and by ordinary 1st class post if you applied for a standard process.

Who is an acceptable verifier?

Your verifier should be a professional person or a person of good standing in the community and you may be known or not known to them. A verifier known should know and recognise you, such as your doctor, teacher. A verifier not known would consider you a stranger such as an accountant, solicitor, etc.

Make sure your verifier is over 25 years of age and is not a relative or retired person.

Your verifier must write the following on the copy document “I certify that I have seen the original of this copy and that matches the name and date of birth printed on the application form” and add their full name, signature and date underneath as illustrated. If you are not known to the verifier, the copy document must be one which has your photograph on it ie. Passport, Driving Licence or PASS Card.

Replacement and upgrade cards

If you lose or wish to upgrade your card to the next category then we can replace your card for a cost of £7.00. How?

  • Send us an email or letter asking for a replacement and outlining the circumstances i.e. I have lost my card or I wish to upgrade to an 21+ card.
  • If your appearance has changed since you were issued with your card or the photograph, we have of you is over 6 months old, then you will need to send us 2 new photographs with your letter or by post separately with a covering letter if you have emailed in your request.
  • If your address and /or contact details have changed since the original card was issued to you then again you must make this clear and advise the new AND the original address in your contact with us.
  • Payment. We accept all credit/debit cards and you may wish to call us with those details for security rather than including them in an email or letter. If you provide a mobile for us we will ring you to take the details. We accept Postal orders and cheques payable to Cards 4U Ltd.

Your replacement or upgraded card will be sent to you within 14 working days where possible. Please note if you are applying for an upgrade before you reach your milestone birthday, 18, 21 or 25 we cannot post your card until the day of birthday or the nearest working day after it should it fall on a weekend.